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Resolution 11 GA 33-34
Other business (item 10)

33. The Delegate of Panama informed of his wish to associate States not yet party to the Convention with the 152 States Parties, in a reflection on the protection of the World Heritage, and he suggested that the number of members of the World Heritage Committee be increased to enable greater participation in the work of the Committee. The Delegate of Italy wished to go back to item 6 of the agenda in Document WHC-97/CONF.205/3A concerning the approbation of the utilization of the World Heritage Fund, item 12 of page 21. She indicated that contrary to what was mentioned in the report, it is not the Fund which finances staff costs, but the Regular Programme. She therefore wished that the text of this item be modified in conformity with what was approved by the 28th session of the General Conference. The Delegate of France supported these remarks. It was finally decided that, in the absence of figures, the paragraph referred to by the Delegate of Italy be suppressed, inasmuch as it does not modify the sense of the text.

34. The Director of the World Heritage Centre indicated that in accordance with a decision taken at the twentieth session of the World Heritage Committee in Merida, Mexico, an extraordinary session of the 21-member World Heritage Committee would be held the day following this General Assembly, to elect the seven members of the World Heritage Bureau.


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