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Decision 25 BUR V.36-37
Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve (Honduras)

V.36       The Bureau was informed that the State Party has not yet responded to the conclusions and recommendations of the UNESCO/IUCN mission undertaken to the site in October 2000. The Bureau noted that Rio Platano has been included as a pilot site in two projects approved by the UN Foundation for execution by the Centre in July 2000. They are: UNESCO/UNEP/RARE Center for Tropical Conservation project on "Linking Conservation of Biological Diversity with Sustainable Tourism Development at World Heritage sites"; and the UNESCO/IUCN project on: "Enhancing our heritage: monitoring and managing for success in World Natural Heritage sites". Both projects are of 4-year duration and are expected to generate new information that will aid the systematic monitoring of the state of conservation of the site, while also promoting the implementation of recommendations from the 2000 UNESCO/IUCN mission. The project, aiming to link biodiversity conservation and sustainable tourism development, could generate income and employment opportunities to the local communities resident near the site.

V.37       The Bureau, once again, invited the State Party to submit its responses on the conclusions and recommendations of the IUCN/Centre mission to the site in October 2000. The Bureau urged the Centre, IUCN and other partners to ensure effective execution of the two UNF-financed projects where Rio Platano is included as a pilot site and submit a brief update on the progress achieved in initiating project activities to the twenty-fifth session of the Committee in December 2001.

Decision Code
25 BUR V.36-37
States Parties 1
State of conservation reports
2001 Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve
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