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Decision 14 BUR IV.A.15
La Amistad/Talamanca (Costa Rica)

The Bureau noted the need to review the original boundaries of this site. Several Indian Reserves, included in the original nomination had since then been degraded by coal mining and road construction projects and were not being managed for conservation objectives. The lack of definition of conservation areas had resulted in a native resident, who attempted to prevent illegal hunting, being recently shot and killed. The Bureau recommended that the Chairman contact the Costa Rican authorities to express condolences to the affected family on behalf of the Committee. The Bureau also requested the Costa Rican authorities to contact IUCN to define the boundaries of the World Heritage portion of the site excluding areas which were not of outstanding universal value. Furthermore, the Bureau suggested that if the La Amistad National Park of Panama, nominated by Panama in 1989, is inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1990, then the Costa Rican authorities co-operate with their counterparts in Panama in proposing the listing of this transborder park as a single site.

Context of Decision