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Decision 6 COM VI.12
Report of the Representative of the Director-General on activities undertaken since the fifth session of the World Heritage Committee

In his report on the activities undertaken for the implementation of the Convention since the fifth session of the World Heritage Committee, the representative of the Director-General, Mr. Michel Batisse, Deputy Assistant Director-General for Science indicated that a total of sixty-nine States had now ratified, accepted or acceded to the Convention, and that one hundred and twelve properties nominated by thirty-three States Parties were now included in the World Heritage List. He reported on the activities which had been decided upon by the Committee at its fifth session and drew attention in particular to the training programme and to the various initiatives taken to produce and disseminate information material to a wide public. Finally, he indicated that the surplus in the World Heritage Fund as at 31 October 1982 amounted to over 2.3 million dollars. He considered that, despite some difficulties to be foreseen in the receipt of contributions, the overall situation of the Convention and of the Fund was satisfactory and constituted an excellent example of international co-operation in the present circumstances.

Report of the rapporteur