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Decision 2 COM V.25
Examination of the form and Periodicity of Publication of the World Heritage List, the List of World Heritage in danger and the List of Properties for which technical cooperation is granted

The representative of ICOMOS and the delegate of France drew the attention of the Committee to the introductory part to the World Heritage List in which some terms used in the French text did not correspond to the English text. In order to overcome this the Committee adopted the following changes in the French text: the criteria against which cultural properties would be evaluated, which are set out in point a) (ii) should read "... sur le développement de l'architecture, de la sculpture monumentale, de la conception des jardins et paysages, des arts connexes, des conceptions de l'urbanisme ou de l'habitat ..." instead of "... sur le développement ultérieur de l'architecture, de la sculpture monumentale, de la conception des jardins et des paysages, des arts connexes ou de l'habitat ...".

Point a) (v) should read "... formes d'habitats humains traditionnels ou de conceptions urbanistiques ..." instead of "... formes d'habitats humains traditionnels ...". Upon the Rapporteur's proposal, the Committee decided to amend also the corresponding English text in order to add the same clarifications.

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