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Resolution 22 GA 7
Determination of the Amount of the Contributions to the World Heritage Fund in Accordance with the Provisions of Article 16 of the World Heritage Convention

The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined Documents WHC/19/22.GA/7 and WHC/19/22.GA/INF.7,
  2. Recalling Article 16 of the World Heritage Convention,
  3. Also recalling Resolution 20 GA 8,
  4. Decides to set the percentage for the calculation of the amount of the contributions to be paid to the World Heritage Fund by States Parties for the financial period 2020-2021 at 1% of their contributions to the regular budget of UNESCO;
  5. Emphasizing the urgency of securing adequate financial resources to achieve the objectives of the World Heritage Convention to identify and conserve the world’s cultural and natural heritage of Outstanding Universal Value, in particular in light of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and the unprecedented threats such as climate change, natural disasters, and deliberate attacks on cultural heritage in territories affected by armed conflicts and terrorism,
  6. Notes the status of the assessed contributions to the World Heritage Fund as presented in Document WHC/19/22.GA/INF.7 and requests the Secretariat to include the total amount of the (advance) assessed contributions for all States Parties;
  7. Recalls, in this regard, that the payment of assessed annual contributions to the World Heritage Fund is a legal obligation and also carries a moral character incumbent on all States Parties which have ratified the Convention;
  8. Reiterates its plea to the States Parties to pay their annual contributions at the latest on 31 January wherever possible in order to facilitate the timely implementation of the activities financed by the World Heritage Fund;
  9. Requests the Secretariat to address a letter to all States Parties which are in arrears with the payment of their compulsory or voluntary contributions for the current year and the three calendar years immediately preceding it of an amount exceeding 50,000 USD, inviting them to make their payment, asking them whether a plan of payment would facilitate the settlement of their arrears, and urging them to provide a prompt answer;
  10. Takes note of the debates under the present item in the current session;
  11. Decides to include, in the agenda of its next 23rd session, an item entitled “Possible measures concerning arrears, including with respect to the examination of nominations submitted by the concerned States Parties, without detriment to the protection of States that cannot pay for causes beyond their control”;
  12. Takes note of Decisions 42 COM 14 and 43 COM 14 taken by the World Heritage Committee on the sustainability of the World Heritage Fund;
  13. Invites States Parties to provide supplementary voluntary contributions to the various sub-accounts of the World Heritage Fund.
Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly of States Parties to the World Heritage Convention at its 22nd session (UNESCO, 2019)
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