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Decision 18 EXT.BUR V.A.1.1
Examination of requests for International Assistance - Natural Heritage - Requests on which the Bureau took a decision - Technical cooperation

The Bureau considered the rapid growth in the demand for technical cooperation funds and recommended that, in the future, at least one third of the annual budget for technical cooperation should be targetted towards natural World Heritage sites.

The Bureau considered 4 requests for technical cooperation for strengthening management of natural World Heritage sites and took the following decisions:

Requests approved by the Bureau

Srebarna Nature Reserve (Bulgaria) - US19,000: Purchase and installation of equipment for the measurement and monitoring of water-levels and water quality in the Srebarna Wetlands.

Requests not approved by the Bureau

Kilimanjaro National Park (Tanzania): The Bureau requested the Tanzanian authorities to reformulate their request for US$30,000 for developing a system of trails in the Park, and take into considreation more urgent conservation priorities for the management of the Park which have been set by the new Management Plan for the site.

Decision Code
18 EXT.BUR V.A.1.1
International Assistance
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1994 Srebarna Nature Reserve