This document is a partial export of the World Heritage Policy Compendium


6    Policies Regarding COMMUNITIES

One of the central objectives of the World Heritage Convention is to enhance the role of communities in the implementation of the Convention and to encourage the participation of the local population and different stakeholders in the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage. In addition, the Convention asks each State Party ‘to adopt a general policy which aims to give the cultural and natural heritage a function in the life of the community ’.

The theme of Communities includes policies related to the participation of local communities and other stakeholders, human rights and a rights-based approach, gender, indigenous peoples, youth, and fostering of peace and security.

6.1    Participation of local communities and other stakeholders

Case Law

Synthesis based on relevant Committee decisions

The World Heritage Committee requests State Parties to ensure that any relocation is carried out with the consent of the population concerned, and also requests to engage with communities in case of relocation, by ensuring an evaluation of the impact of the relocation and effective consultation  processes, as well as appropriate compensation of the affected local communities (based on Case law on decisions on the State of Conservation). [1]

ANNEX I. List of documents and texts

Decision 39 COM 7A.10

Decision 41 COM 7B.97

Decision 43 COM 7B.4

Decision 43 COM 7B.6

Decision 43 COM 7B.76

Decision 43 COM 7B.39





[1] See for example Decisions 39 COM 7A.10 , 41 COM 7B.97 , 43 COM 7B.39 , 43 COM 7B.4 , 43 COM 7B.6 , 43 COM 7B.76 .