This document is a partial export of the World Heritage Policy Compendium


5    Policies Regarding COMMUNICATION

The World Heritage Convention encourages States Parties to strengthen the appreciation of the public for World Heritage properties and to enhance their protection through educational and information programmes.

The presentation and interpretation of World Heritage sites should, as set out in the Convention text, increase people’s awareness, understanding and appreciation of the need to preserve cultural and natural heritage, ensuring that future generations understand the values associated with this heritage and helping to increase stakeholders’ participation in the protection and presentation of heritage.

The Communication theme includes policies related to education, awareness raising, interpretation and use of the World Heritage emblem.

5.1    Education and awareness-raising

Case Law

Synthesis based on relevant Committee decisions

At site-level, the World Heritage Committee encourages States Parties to organize awareness-raising activities for local population and surrounding communities, to mobilize their active participation in heritage conservation and management (based on Case law further to decisions on the State of Conservation). [1]

ANNEX I. List of documents and texts

Decision 36 COM 7B.17

Decision 36 COM 7B.61

Decision 36 COM 7B.64





[1] See for example Decisions 36 COM 7B.17 , 36 COM 7B.61 , 36 COM 7B.64 .