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Themes2.2.6.3 - Minor modifications to the boundariesclose2.2.5.2 - Legislative, regulatory and contractual measures for protectionclose2.2.6 - Boundaries and buffer zonesclose2.2.4 - Integrityclose2.2.2 - World Heritage criteriaclose2.7 - Types of World Heritage propertiesclose2.3 - Global Strategy for a Representative, Balanced and Credible World Heritage Listclose2.2 - Outstanding Universal Valueclose
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2 - Policies Regarding CREDIBILITY of the World Heritage List
2.2 - Outstanding Universal Value
Synthesis based on relevant Committee decisions

The World Heritage Committee recommends providing a more detailed inventory of the attributes and elements of the property (based on Case law on decisions on Nominations).
Theme: 2.2.4 - Integrity
See for examples Decisions:  32 COM 8B.28 33 COM 8B.32 34 COM 8B.20 34 COM 8B.11
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