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Policy Compendium

Themes2.2.6.2 - Buffer Zonesclose2.7.4 - Cultural Landscapesclose2.7.3 - Serial propertiesclose2.2.3 - Authenticityclose2.2 - Outstanding Universal Valueclose2.1 - Nominations to the World Heritage Listclose
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2 - Policies Regarding CREDIBILITY of the World Heritage List
2.7 - Types of World Heritage properties

Paragraph 139

“Serial nominations, whether from one State Party or multiple States, may be submitted for evaluation over several nomination cycles, provided that the first property nominated is of Outstanding Universal Value in its own right. States Parties planning serial nominations phased over several nomination cycles are encouraged to inform the Committee of their intention in order to ensure better planning.”

Theme: 2.7.3 - Serial properties
Source: OG Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention (WHC.19/01 - 10 July 2019)

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