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World Heritage

2 - Policies Regarding CREDIBILITY of the World Heritage List

2.4 - Upstream Process

Operational Guidelines

Paragraph 122 [footnote]

“Upstream Process: In relation to the nomination of sites for inscription on the World Heritage List, the “Upstream Process” comprises advice, consultation and analysis that occurs prior to the preparation of a nomination and is aimed at reducing the number of nominations that experience significant problems during the evaluation process. The basic principle of the Upstream Process is to enable the Advisory Bodies and the World Heritage Centre to provide guidance and capacity building directly to States Parties, throughout the whole process leading up to the preparation of a possible World Heritage nomination. For the upstream support to be effective, it should be undertaken from the earliest stage in the nomination process, at the moment of the preparation or revision of the States Parties’ Tentative Lists.

The purpose of the advice given in the context of a nomination is limited to providing guidance on the technical merit of the nomination and the technical framework needed, in order to offer the State(s) Party(ies) the essential tools that enable it(them) to assess the feasibility and/or actions necessary to prepare a possible nomination.

Requests for the Upstream Process shall be submitted using the official format (Annex 15 of the Operational Guidelines). Should the number of requests exceed the capacity, then the prioritization system as per paragraph 61.c will be applied.”