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The World Heritage Centre is at the forefront of the international community’s efforts to protect and preserve.

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Managing Natural World Heritage

The goal of this Resource Manual is to help State Parties to manage natural values within World Heritage properties. As such it is aimed at natural and mixed World Heritage properties as well as cultural landscapes.

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“Qhapaq Ñan, Andean Road System: New steps towards its sustainable conservation”

The 2021 publication compiles good practices and expert perspectives on the conservation and sustainable management of this serial property, including regarding tangible and intangible heritage conservation, ...

Adapting the approach of the HUL Recommendation for Indonesian universities

The 2021 publication Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) Quick Scan Method. Handbook for Indonesian University Lecturers aims to adapt the HUL Approach to the Indonesian context and promote interdisciplinary learning in ...

Enhancing Our Heritage Toolkit 2.0

The Enhancing Our Heritage Toolkit 2.0 (EoH 2.0) provides a globally tested self-assessment methodology to support World Heritage managers and actors to evaluate management effectiveness in a World Heritage property ...

Managing Cultural World Heritage

This manual provides guidance for States Parties and all those involved in the care of World Heritage cultural properties on how to comply with the requirements of the World Heritage Convention.

Promoting traditional environmental knowledge in the M’Zab Valley (Algeria)

The traditional settlements of the M’Zab valley were adapted to their environment and climate. Floodable areas were occupied only by temporary structures and not by dwellings. Water infrastructure was a core ...

Testing the role of digital technologies in recording values of human settlements in Asia and the Pacific

A research project tests tools such as photogrammetry, laser scanning and community mapping, to record the interaction between tangible and intangible layers of traditional settlements in China and India.  

Transmitting and documenting the vernacular architecture of the Asante Traditional Buildings (Ghana)

Published in 2021, a new edition of the 1999 reference publication “Asante Traditional Buildings” updates and expands this important record of their outstanding architecture, making it once again available for the ...

Urban Notebooks

Urban Notebooks The e-magazine of the World Heritage Cities Programme features diverse voices on urban heritage, practices, and opinion pieces.    February 2022 Issue 20 Dr. ...

The KIT: World Heritage in Young Hands

The KIT: World Heritage in Young Hands Developed in 1998, the World Heritage in Young Hands Educational Resource Kit for secondary school teachers is one of the main tools of the World Heritage Education ...