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Marine World Heritage managers: A flagship network empowered to transform how we protect
The World Heritage List includes 50 marine sites across 37 nations. Local managers at these sites have confronted every imaginable problem facing our temperate and tropical oceans, and many have created leading edge solutions. Tapping the vast expertise contained within the network helps accelerate achieving sustainable marine protected areas in the framework of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Expertise is shared from across the network through site-to-site field visits, e-communication and tri-annual global managers conferences, facilitated by the World Heritage Marine Programme
Voices from the field
The management teams from the marine World Heritage sites share their story of how COVID-19 impacts their conservation work.

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Managers Network Highlights

West Norwegian Fjords and Glacier Bay National Park sign cooperation agreement

In September 2019, West Norwegian Fjords-Geirangerfjord/Nærøyfjord (Norway) and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve (USA) signed a formal cooperation agreement to secure sustainable cruise ship operations at the respective World Heritage sites. Efforts are underway to expand the collaboration to other marine World Heritage sites with similar challenges.

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4th global marine World Heritage managers conference

Every three years, managers from the 50 World Heritage marine sites come together to share their best practices, discuss conservation solutions and forge a united path forward. The conferences are geared toward replication of success. Latest edition was held in September 2019 and build upon 2016, 2013 and 2010 managers conferences.

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Management best practices from the marine World Heritage network

The best practice guide outlines a step by step approach on how to achieve environmental, social and economic objectives that lead to sustainably managed marine protected areas. The guide is based on best practices from across marine World Heritage sites and established expertise in marine protected area management. The guide was published in 2015 and is now available in 5 languages.

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Managers gather in Wadden Sea to discuss impacts of marine litter

Managers from across the marine Word Heritage network came together in the Wadden Sea during a 3-day workshop to exchange practices in monitoring the impact of marine litter, successful clean up campaigns and impactful solutions to reduce marine plastic and waste. An online survey among marine World Heritage sites assessed the scope of litter and plastics and its impact on sites’ Outstanding Universal Value.

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