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Sub-regional Workshop on UNESCO World Heritage Edcuation KIT for ASP Schools' Teachers in Central Asian Region

Tashkent, Uzbekistan
20-26 August 1999

  • Teachers' resolution
  • Summary and Recommendations
  • Participants
  • Countries represented
  • Organizers

Teachers' resolution

  • We, the participants of the Sub-regional Workshop have got acquainted with the program and materials of UNESCO World Heritage Kit and UNESCO ASPnet Unit and have come to the following resolution:
  • to promote and spread ideas and activities of World Heritage in our schools, using the Kit and other materials
  • to cooperate with Associated Schools involving as many students as possible
  • to enrich the Kit "World heritage in Young Hands" with new materials, based on discovering historical, cultural and natural values
  • to promote knowledge on cultural and natural sites of World Heritage
  • to teach the young people to be tolerant and love all life in order to preserve our planet.

Summary and Recommendations

The Uzbekistan National Commission for UNESCO hosted a workshop to introduce the Kit "World Heritage in Young Hands" in the beautiful background of the Chatkal Mountains, the area designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

ASP teachers in the subjects of language, history and culture from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan came together and formed a network of teachers to promote World Heritage Education in the region. The participants recognized in their National Action Plans the importance of co-operation with teacher-training institutes, local authorities and various NGOs, and agreed to seek support from them upon their return to their home countries.


  • To become familiar with the newly published UNESCO World Heritage Educational Resource Kit for Teachers "World Heritage in Young Hands" and to train teachers how to teach with the Kit to the students through interactive discussions, round tables, sessions and by directing efforts to further develop and promote the purposes of the World Heritage conservation.
  • To establish a planning framework for the introduction of the Kit into Associated Schools in each participating country ("National Action Plan")
  • To establish a framework for future co-operation among Associated Schools in central Asia

Suggestions and proposals

The participants of the sub-regional workshop suggested that the Kit would be used effectively if the some important chapters of the Kit can be translated into local languages. As long as Central Asia is a unique and has ancient historical heritage, teachers of the Central Asian countries proposed

  • To establish network between ASPnet schools in order to organize exchange of student groups and teachers to visit in cultural sites.
  • To work out joint projects and programs of Central Asian ASP schools and implement them in cooperation of other international organizations and NGOs.
  • To invite the local authorities, NGOS, international organizations to support, implement and promote the ideas of the promotion of World Heritage Kit in all levels of education.

Follow-up Actions

A National Teacher Workshop on the UNESCO World Heritage Edcuational Kit was held in Tashkent Region in Uzbekistan on 18-22 August 2002. Around 30 tachers and educators from the different regions of Uzbekistan participated n the workshop. Several sessions and round tables show that teachers are very insterested in the dissemination and development of the Kit also in non-ASPnet schools. During the national workshop the specilists and teachers discussed the Uzbek version of the Kit which was prepared beofre the National workshop and made necessary proposals and suggestions on the development of the Kit in Uzbek language. The teachers indicated that it is necessary to promote the Kit through the Educational Departments, Ministry of Education and introduce it in the teacher training institutes of the country.


29 teachers, 2 World Heritage specialists and 2 other specialists, from:
Andijon region, Bukhara City, Chrchik city, Fergana region, Kashkadarya region, Khorezm region, Kibray district, Namangan region, Navoiy region, Jizzakh region, Samarkand city, Sirdaryi region, Surkhandaryo region, Tashkent city, Yanggiyol city, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Karakalpakstan

Countries represented

Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Karakalpakstan


The National Commission of Uzbekistan for UNESCO;
UNESCO World heritage Centre;
UNESCO Office in Tashkent

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Date Start: Friday, 20 August 1999
Date end: Thursday, 26 August 1999