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The 30th anniversary World Heritage Congress, on the theme of “Shared Legacy, Common Responsibility”, will have three principal aims. The first will be to assess the past three decades of implementation of the World Heritage Convention with respect to the protection of natural and cultural heritage worldwide; the development of appropriate national and international heritage protection legislation and practices; and capacity-building at local and regional levels for the management of World Heritage sites.

The second goal will be to promote the World Heritage Convention by increasing its visibility and the activities carried out to protect World Heritage, and by developing new activities aimed at ensuring long-term protection and increasing awareness of the need to preserve World Heritage.

Thirdly, the Congress will strive to identify opportunities and mobilise support for specific action programmes related to heritage conservation, to create synergies between World Heritage stakeholders and to encourage the development of targeted partnerships for site protection and presentation. Indeed, the overriding theme of the Congress will be the quest for new partnerships for World Heritage, involving non-governmental stakeholders, local and regional authorities, financial institutions, the tourism industry, the media, public membership programmes and especially young people – the decision-makers of the future.

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