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19-24 novembre 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] Draft agenda Venue: UNESCO Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (PROAP)920 Sukhumvit Road (between soi 40 and 42) Tel: (66-2) 391-0879 ext.146 Thursday 20 November 8.00-8.30 Registration 8.30Welcome by Mr Victor Ordoñez, Director of UNESCO PROAPIntroduction of participants 9.00LEAP-PROJECT STRUCTURE AND OBJECTIVESPresentation by Mr Richard ...
5-10 octobre 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] We wish to inform you that from Octobre 5 to Octobre 10 1997, Laval University, in Quebec, will host ForumUNESCO International Seminar under the theme "Universities and Heritage: Towards a New Convergence". Sponsored by UNESCO General Director M. Federico Mayor, this event will gather professionals, students and teachers working in the field of heritage, from various ...
24 septembre 1997 - 30 juin 1998
[Uniquement en anglais] June 10, 1997, New York, NY -- The UNESCO World Heritage Centre today announced its support for BikeAbout's educational Internet adventure in the Mediterranean as they endeavor to increase awareness of, and access to, World Heritage sites in the region. BikeAbout-the Mediterranean is the first fully "wired" circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea by bicycle. The ...
23-24 septembre 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] The Round Table on the Use of the Internet in the Promotion of National Heritage and Cultural Tourism in Central Asia is being organized by UNESCO and the Kazak Institute of Archeology, in Almaty, from 23 to 24 September 1997.During the Round Table, eminent scientists and decision-makers from Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan will explore ...
15-21 septembre 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] The Asia-Pacific World Heritage Youth Forum in Beijing, China, 15-21 September 1997, will gather some 100 students and teachers from 21 countries in the region.  The objective is to involve young people in World Heritage preservation and promotion through discussions and creative workshops at the World Heritage sites of The Great Wall, Peking Man Site at ...
13-17 septembre 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] In an effort to encourage coordinated disaster planning, mitigation and relief, the United Nations General Assembly established 1990-2000 as the international Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR).As disaster management strategies evolve at local, national and international levels, it is essential to assure inclusion of the cultural heritage - sites, structures ...
27-30 juillet 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] ICOMOS Brasil has announced the II International Seminar on Roads to Preservation, to be celebrated at the Museu Brasileiro de Escultura in Sao Paulo from 27-30 July. Topics will include international charters, land use legislation, land use for archaeological and urban sites, linkage between cultural and natural heritage sites.
13-15 juillet 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] Monographic topic: Art and technology in the work of Antoni Gaudi Gaudi's architecture tends to be approached from one of two viewpoints, one stressing its artistic aspects and the other its technical innovations. However, as study deepens on the subject it becomes clear that in Gaudi the two concepts are indivisible; the mechanical, geometric and construction features ...
7-11 juillet 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] The long-awaited international seminar on the management and conservation of Joya de Ceren and its surroundings (El Salvador) will be held from 7-11 July 1997. The seminar was preceded by a two-year process of studies and diagnoses on different aspects of conservation and management of the site. The substantive working document produced which will be the basis for ...
21 juin 1997 - 31 décembre 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] Discover the TREASURED RELICS OF ORTHODOXY by means of the FULL catalogue of the exhibition.
16-18 mai 1997
[Uniquement en anglais] The Association of Independent Museums will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 1997. Joint hosts for this special anniversary conference will be the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust and the Ironbridge Institute (University of Birmingham). The historic Ironbridge Gorge provides a fitting venue for this year's theme of 'Spirit of Time and Place'. The seminar ...
2-7 décembre 1996
[Uniquement en anglais] During the 20th Section of the World Heritage the exhibition Africa Revisited took place. It was designed and produced by Galia Saouma-Forero. The exhibition “Africa Revisited” was produced from information drawn from the first Global Strategy meeting in Harare in 1995 and the preparation of the meeting of Addis Ababa. The exhibition highlighted the ...
21 avril 1996
[Uniquement en anglais] Expert Meeting on European Cultural Landscapes of Outstanding Universal Value, Vienna, Austria, 21 April 1996
22-24 mars 1996
La réunion d'experts sur "l'Evaluation des principes generaux et des critères pour les propositions d'inscription de sites naturels du patrimoine mondial" s'est tenue du 22 au 24 mars 1996 au Parc national de la Vanoise, France, à l'aimable invitation du ministère français de l'Environnement. Vingt experts représentant les disciplines du patrimoine ...
22-24 mars 1996
[Uniquement en anglais] Expert Meeting on 'Evaluation of general Principles and Criteria for Nomination of natural World Heritage Sites', Parc national de la Vanoise, France, March 22-24, 1996
11-13 octobre 1995
[Uniquement en anglais] The scientific conception and preparation of the Harare meeting was set up by a scientificcommittee which met at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 9 June 1995.
27-29 avril 1995
[Uniquement en anglais] The Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Associative Cultural Landscapes, New South Wales, Australia April 27-29, 1995
28 mars 1995 - 4 avril 1995
[Uniquement en anglais] Regional Thematic Study Meeting 'Asian Rice Culture and its Terraced Landscape', Manila, Philippines, 28 March - 4 April, 1995
15-19 septembre 1994
[Uniquement en anglais] Expert Meeting on Heritage Canals, Chaffey Lock, Canada, September 15-19,1994
19-20 avril 1983
L'objet de la réunion, organisée par I' ICOMOS dans le cadre des études demandées par le Comité du Patrirroine Mondial, etait double : analyser les différentes listes indicatives preparées par les pays europeens, réunis a cette occasion afin d' Avi ter des propositions pouvant avoir un caractère ...