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État partie : Iraq

Dernière révision : 15/04/2020
12 biens

Lalish Temple 15/04/2020 C
Old City of Mosul 17/08/2018 C
Nippur 20/02/2017 C
Bestansur Neolithic settlement 20/01/2017 C
Historical Features of the Tigris River in Baghdad Rusafa, which extends from the school Al-Mustansiriya to the Abbasid Palace 28/03/2014 C
Amedy city 02/02/2011 CN
Wadi Al-Salam Cemetery in Najaf 24/01/2011 C
The Site of Thilkifl 21/01/2010 C
Nimrud 07/07/2000 C
The Ancient City of Nineveh 07/07/2000 C
The Fortress of Al-Ukhaidar 07/07/2000 C
Wasit 07/07/2000 C


N : naturel
C : culturel
CN : mixte