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État partie : Guatemala

Dernière révision : 27/04/2012
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Tak'alik Ab'aj National Park 27/04/2012 C
The Painted Murals of San Bartolo 27/04/2012 C
The Caves of Naj Tunich 27/04/2012 CN
The Cultural Triangle 23/09/2002 CN
The Cuenca Mirador 23/09/2002 CN
The Core of the Mayan Area 23/09/2002 CN
The Route of The Rivers 23/09/2002 CN
Naj Tunich Cave 23/09/2002 CN
The Mayan-Olmecan Encounter 23/09/2002 CN
Route of the Franciscan Evangelisation 23/09/2002 C
Route of the to Dominique Evangelisation 23/09/2002 C
Route of the Peace and National Identity 23/09/2002 C
Castle of San Felipe de Lara 23/09/2002 C
Route of the Agroindustry and the Architecture Victoriana 23/09/2002 C
Town of Chichicastenango 23/09/2002 C
The Green Route of Verapaz, Guatemala 23/09/2002 N
Sierra De Las Minas Biosphere Reservation 23/09/2002 N
National Park Sierra del Lacandón 23/09/2002 CN
The Manglares Route of Pacific Coast of Guatemala 23/09/2002 N
Protected area of Lake Atitlán: multiple use 23/09/2002 N
Visis Cabá National park and Triangulo Ixil Vernacular Architecture 23/09/2002 CN


N : naturel
C : culturel
CN : mixte