Kwiambana and/or Ningi

Date de soumission : 01/11/1995
Critères: (ii)(iii)(iv)
Catégorie : Culturel
Soumis par :
National Commission for Museums and Monuments
Coordonnées Kwiambana 11°06' North 6°48' East Ningi 10°10'North 9°50' East
Ref.: 492


Kwiambana ruins lie on and around a twin-peakod granite inselberg in what has been until very recently a relatively inaccessible area of the Kwiambana Game Reserve. The well-preserved mud structures are enclosed by a five to seven metre high bank and ditch which becomes a mud-block wall with loopholes where the circular town wall passes over bare rock, and is a natural coursed rubble wall along many other sections. There are some low free-stone walls enclosing the steep hillside, and several level sites where houses may have been constructed.