Rani Kot Fort, Dadu

Date de soumission : 14/12/1993
Catégorie : Culturel
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Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO Ministry of Education
Coordonnées between 27° 55' and 26° 15' latitude north Sind Province, District of Dadu
Ref.: 1284


The fortification wall of the gigantic fort of Rani Kot is 35 kms in length and connects barren hills. The fort was built in the first quarter of the l9th century. The fortification wall, which follows the natural contours of the hilly area, has solid semi-circular bastions at intervals. The fortification wall runs on three sides of the area, while on the northern side the lofty peaks of the higher hillocks serve as a wall. A small fortress, about 5-6 miles inside the main gate, appears to have been the royal residence for the ruling family of Mirs. The double door gate lies on the south of the fortress. Inside the gate two nitches are decorated with floral designs and carved stones. The whole architecture of the fort is restricted to stone and lime.