"Lok-Batan" Mud Cone

Date de soumission : 30/09/1998
Critères: (vii)(viii)(ix)
Catégorie : Naturel
Soumis par :
Azerbaijan National Commission for UNESCOVeliyev Shakir Husseyin
Coordonnées Long. 49°45'55" E , Lat. 40°20'50" N
Ref.: 1176


"Lok-Batan" mud cone is located at 40° 20' 50" northern latitude and 49° 45' 55" eastern longitude near Lok-Batan Settlement of Garadagh Disb~ct of Baku City, the capital of Azerbaijan Republic. "Lok-Batan" mud cone is protected by the State as a monument of a nature of the special significance pursuant to the Decree of the Government of Azerbaijan Republic No. 167 of March 16, 1982. This mud cone has most numerous (about 20) on quantity of eruptions. It is located at 130 meters above the sea level. Uniike many other mud cones there is no any mud gryphons in "Lok-Batan". There are present Upper and Mid Pliocene deposits of Absheron, Aghdjagil Stages and rich stratum in the geological sbucture of this mud cone. These deposits go to the surface as a ridge around of the mud cone. Sb~ucturally it is on the top of the transverse anticline. The first eruption of the mud cone was in 1864. ~Lok-Batan" mud cone is one of unique representaUve of 220 mad cones located on the territory of Azerbaijan Republic and of 600 mud cones on Earth.