Tentative List

State Party: Czechia

Last Revision: 30/01/2019
17 properties

Paysage culturel minier des Monts Métallifères (Erzgebirge) 24/02/2012 C
Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe - extension 30/01/2019 N
Český ráj (Czech Paradise) Rock Cities 19/01/2001 N
Extension of the World Heritage Site "Historic Centre of Prague" with the important Monuments in its Vicinity 06/07/2001 C
Fishpond Network in the Trebon Basin 19/01/2001 C
Great Spas of Europe 17/06/2014 C
Mountain-top Hotel and Television Transmitter Ještěd 29/05/2007 C
Paper Mill at Velké Losiny 19/01/2001 C
Renaissance Houses at Slavonice 19/01/2001 C
Sites of Great Moravia: Slavonic Fortified Settlement at Mikulcice - Church of St.Margaret at Kopčani 06/07/2001 C
The Betlém Rock Sculptures near Kuks 06/07/2001 C
The Fortress of Terezín 06/07/2001 C
The Industrial Complexes at Ostrava 06/07/2001 C
The Karlstejn Castle 06/07/2001 C
The Spa at Luhacovice 06/07/2001 C
The West Bohemian Spa Triangle 25/06/2008 C
Žatec – the Hops Town 29/05/2007 C


N: Natural
C: Cultural
CN: Mixed