Kalambo falls archaeological site (prehistoric settlement site)

Date of Submission: 11/06/1997
Criteria: (i)(ii)
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
National Heritage Conservation Commission Government of Republic of Zambia
Coordinates: Lat. 8°35' S Long. 31°14' E 30km north-west of Mbala . District on the Kalambo river
Ref.: 868


The Kalambo falls prehistoric settlement is located about 30 kilometres North-West of Mbala district, Northern province. The site was excavated by professor John desmond Clark duringthe period 1956-1959. The excavations conducted in the lake-beds revealed exposed a stone age sequence extending from the early stone age through to the iron age, most of it stratified in living floors. The site was gazzetted a national monument under notice number 454 0f 1964. Like many other national monuments, the site is protected and managed under the national heritage conservation act, cap.23 of 1989 of the laws of Zambia.