Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Date of Submission: 09/08/2007
Criteria: (ii)(iii)(v)(vi)
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
State, Province or Region:
Province of Kerman
Ref.: 5210


It functions as a communicative, cultural, commercial exchange center contacting with neighboring cultures and resembles Anatolia in Caucasus, the Great Khorasan and Mesopotamia.

Statements of authenticity and/or integrity

The relics and excavated properties.

Comparison with other similar properties

Architectural complexes and excavated properties from Bronze Age comparable with Shahdad, Hesar Tepe in Damghan, Shahr-e Soukhteh, Fars Province, Susa, Marv, Altin Tepe and etc;

The historical period properties comparable with: Nesa, Azerbaijan, Damavand, Susa, India, Greece;

The Islamic period properties comparable with: Neyshabour, Jorjan, Samerah [in Iraq], Susa, southern shores of Amman.