Kaboud Mosque

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Date of Submission: 09/08/2007
Criteria: (i)(ii)(iii)(iv)
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
State, Province or Region:
Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province
Ref.: 5202


This mosque is one of the precious works of Islamic period (the Temurids) and is known as turquoise of Islam as it has been built of turquoise-colored bricks. It is one of the most beautiful buildings of Timurid period. Geographically, it has been located in a cold climatic condition, and for the same reason, it has no quadrangle. The remainder consists of a tomb and a mosque that its dome is double layered.

Statements of authenticity and/or integrity

Date of construction and the name of its founder have been curved in the bas-relief of the gate.

Comparison with other similar properties

Decoratively it can be compared with timurid works in Herat, Samarqand and Khorasan and from plan viewpoint it is comparable with Osmanli buildings especially with great mosques of Orhan and Yeshil in Bursa.