Fortress of the immaculate Conception

Date of Submission: 19/06/1995
Category: Mixed
Submitted by:
Nicaraguan Institute of Culture
Coordinates: El Castillo, Department of San Juan River
Ref.: 484


The monument is a 17th century (1673) Military Campaign Fortress found within the limits of an area considered as a Biosphere Reserve (Indio-Maiz Reserve). It is surrounded by a town (El Castillo) of approximately 1000 inhabitants, located in a promontory of the San Juan river between the Great Lake of Nicaragua and the - Caribbean Sea. The site was part of the line of Spanish fortifications of the Caribbean established in order to fight against the pirate attacks. It was of utmost importance for the defense of the Province of Nicaragua which faced the interest of the English Crown which saught to dominate the Sea of the South.