Dominican Republic
Date of Submission: 21/11/2001
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Delegacion Permanente de la Republica Dominicana ante la UNESCO
Coordinates: 19°39'12" N / 71°39'12" W
Ref.: 1705


The city of Montecristi is inserted in a natural environment, in which the highlights is the giant silhouette of the 'El Morro" next to the islet Pablillo, they seem to be remainders of an old mountain rance, beside the beach of Bolaños. The environment of Montecristi is framed by the end of the Northern mountain range, for the hill of the Guano and the hill Isabel de Torres. The area historical bill wide streets to grid, most asphalted. The houses built in wood and roof of zinc, of a rich and beautiful Victorian style, unique in the country, they represent a time of peace and economic development of the city, in the XXIII and XIX century.