Jacagua, Villa of Santiago

Dominican Republic
Date of Submission: 21/11/2001
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Delegacion Permanente de la Republica Dominicana ante la UNESCO
Coordinates: Santiago, North Region
Ref.: 1704


The remains of the vestiges of the structure of old church of Jacagua, built in masonry and bricks, maybe can appreciate part of the cruciform pilasters, buttresses and fragments of vaults, some arks are complete. The church of Jacagua was a construction of 8 x 8 meters that constitute the small space. This was preceded of a nartex, of about 5 x 8 mts. The nartex and nave's roof be of vault of roughly built cruciform. The brick waIIs, masonry and the nàrtex are balanced by thick buttresses, perpendicular two of them to the wall of the sides and other two in diagonal to the small space, leaving of the two angles of the absidial wall in similar position to the of Regina's Church, in Santo Domingo's city. The nártex should have two arches of half point, located one to each side of the entrance, that well could also have, a third arch of more light. Around the church it could have a high grate that protected the enclosure. The current measures of the vestiges that are conserved are approximately the following ones: The two pilaster bases that are to the entrance, and that they have cruciform section, with the ochavados arms, they have a diameter of 2.15 mts. each one. Of the superior part of the pilaster started the vault that covered the nártex, because can stlll be observed their remains, next to each pilaster base. This big fragment, stlll in complete cohesion, presents channels of pluvial drainage and brackets. The space of the nártex measures 8.17 x 4.70 meters. The space of the nave is of 8.17 x 8.06 meters.