Mausoleum of "Mukhammad Bashoro"

Date of Submission: 09/11/1999
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Off. of Preservation and Restoration of Monum. of History and Culture, Artistic Ex. Min. of Culture
Coordinates: Mausoleum is situated in the pictoresque ad solitary place on the bank of mountain river near the kishlak Masori Sharif.
Ref.: 1386


Mausoleum of "Mukhammad Bashoro" of a connaisseur of khadices in the first Islamic centuries was built (without portal) in XI-XII centuries as a building, which combined functions of a mausoleum and a mosque for making mention. It consists of a spacious centra cupola hall, where there are a row of vault premises on both sides (on the left and on the right). They are grouped along two axes, which are parallel the middle central axis. The left group of the premises of three rooms has individual entrance in the main fa├žade. A portal with rich decoration made of teracotta appeared in 1332. The portal has an arch niche of lancet form. A heel of the arch leans on capitals of three-forth columns, which are inscribed into the inner angles of its abutment.