Mausoleum of "Hodja Nashron"

Date of Submission: 09/11/1999
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Off. of Preservation and Restoration of Monum. of History and Culture, Artistic Ex. Min. of Culture
Coordinates: Mausoleum of "Hodja Nashron" is situated in the territory of the collective farm named after Lenin Tursun- Zade Region of the RT
Ref.: 1384


The mausoleum (XI - XII centuries) consists of two burial places contained in two premises. The first of that is square, it has size 6x6,8 m. with portal. The height of the kept part is 2,8 m. The second room is 11x16,35 m. and consists of square burial place and portal. The walls are 5,15 m. high. These two buildings show artistic possibilities of non-masked brickwork typical for Tajik architecture of XI-XII centuries. The large mausoleum is a part of the complex of Hodja Nashron, it consists of two mausoleums situated at an angle one to another. It is a portal-cupola memorial building. A deep entrance arch bay has an arch, the next square room has cupola on the octagon. The south-west, south-east and north-east façades are identical: there is ordinary brickwork, then four rows of the twin brickwork, then there is a pattern brickwork over the ordinary one. It begins from the height 1,45-1,78 m. to 3,52-3,81 m. There are right-angled windows in all three façades. In the south-east and north-east façades they begin at the height of 5,3 m. in the south-west one they begin at the height 5,07 m. The window are 45 cm. high. B.A.Litvinski dated the mausoleum the second half of XII century. The mausoleum has a large (more than 3,5 m.) portal. It is an independent architectural element. Peculiarity of the monument is its breaking up on two parts - the mausoleum proper and the portal. Other monuments of XII century have no such peculiarity of the monument. The portal does not cover all portal wall, but it as if projects over the wall. It's rarity among the monuments of pre-Mongol period, for example, the mosque Zulfia near Termez, the mausoleum of Abdul Fazla in Sarakhs.