World Heritage Centre World Heritage Centre - Committee Decisions 90 en Copyright 2019 UNESCO, World Heritage Centre Sat, 20 Jul 2019 11:57:34 EST UNESCO, World Heritage Centre - Decisions 24 COM XIX.1-5 Closure of the Session XIX.1 The Director of the World Heritage Centre, Mr. Francesco Bandarin, on behalf of the Director-General of UNESCO, thanked the Traditional Owners for their participation and the Australian authorities for having organized and provided the facilities for this session. He thanked the Chairperson and all delegates for their dedication to World Heritage and for a new spirit towards the thirtieth anniversary of the Convention. He also thanked his colleagues for their support. He highlighted the progress achieved in particular with regard to the new calendar, the improved documentation and the positive exchange between the Secretariat and the Committee.

XIX.2 The Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee expressed his gratitude to the Rapporteur for his excellent work and thanked his predecessor, Mr A. Touri (Morocco) for the guidance provided. He commended the Secretariats of both UNESCO and Environment Australia for their hard work, all members of the Committee and the advisory bodies for their constructive participation in the debates as well as the interpreters for their support. He recalled progress made with the new cycle, the budget approved and the inscription of a record number of 61 new nominations. He reminded the Committee of the work to be achieved in 2001 with a Bureau meeting in Paris, a Committee meeting in Finland as well as the thirteenth session of the General Assembly of States Parties.

XIX.3 On behalf of all members of the Committee and participants, the Delgate of Morocco, Mr Touri, thanked the Chairperson for the results achieved during the twentyfourth session, noting in particular his flexible management style which facilitated new ideas that were brought forward as part of the reform process launched. He also highlighted the role of the new Director of the World Heritage Centre as Secretary of the Committee, to implement the decisions of the Committee during the year 2001. He also thanked Ms. Lammila (Finland), Mr. Keeffe (Australia) and Mr. Munjeri (Zimbabwe), the three Rapporteurs of the Bureau and Committee sessions in the year 2000. He thanked the Australian authorities and traditional owners for their hospitality and for providing excellent facilities for the session.

XIX.4 The Delegate of Finland thanked the Australian Government for having provided such a good model for a Committee session and invited the Committee to the twenty-fifth session which would be held in her country in 2001.

XIX.5 The Chairperson then declared the twenty-fourth session of the World Heritage Committee closed.


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