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25. The Chairperson of the General Assembly referred to document 31C/REP.15 Report by the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage on its Activities (2000-2001). He explained that the World Heritage Committee, at its sixteenth session held in December 1992 in Santa Fe, United States of America, recommended that the report which the Committee addressed to the General Conference also be presented to the General Assembly of States Parties. 26. Dr Christina Cameron (Canada), Chairperson of the World Heritage Committee presented the report of ...
IV.1 Mr Dawson Munjeri, Zimbabwe, Rapporteur of the twenty-fifth session of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee, presented the report of this session held at UNESCO Headquarters from 25 to 30 June 2001 and outlined the main issues which were discussed. The Committee took note of the report of the Rapporteur. IV.2 Mr Francisco Lopez Morales, Mexico, Rapporteur of the twenty-fifth extraordinary session of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee (Helsinki, 7-8 December 2001), thereafter presented the report of this session (Document WHC-01/CONF.208/4). He recalled that this was a ...
IX.4 Several Committee members stressed the importance of the Resolution of the General Assembly concerning the Representivity of the World Heritage List and that the substantive work on the analysis of the current World Heritage List and the tentative lists must be given top priority. New thematic studies and meetings should be carried out only upon the completion of this global analysis, and on the basis of the priorities identified for each region. A number of delegates stated that since 1994, many regional and thematic meetings have been convened, and the results of these meetings ...
XXII.1 The Committee adopted the Report with a number of amendments, which have been taken into consideration in the preparation of the final version of the Report. XXII.2 During the adoption of section X of the report a debate took place concerning the implementation of the Committee's decision on the selection of 30 nominations to be reviewed by the Committee in 2003. A number of Committee members sought clarification on the wording of paragraphs X.16 and X.21. It was agreed that if more than 30 complete and acceptable nominations are received by the Centre by 1 February 2002, the ...
XV.1 The Chairperson sincerely thanked Parks Canada for having hosted the WHIPCOE workshop in Winnipeg, Canada in early November 2001 and welcomed the following indigenous delegates to the session: Mr Tumu Te Heu Heu (Paramount Chief, Tongariro National Park, New Zealand), Mr Eru Manuera (General Manager, Maori Issues, Department of Conservation, New Zealand) and Mrs Josie Weninger (Field Unit Superintendent, Parks Canada). The Chairperson conveyed the Committee's respects to the Paramount Chief and thanked him for having traveled from New Zealand to attend the Committee session. XV.2 ...