Archaeological Site of Carthage

Multiple Locations (13)


ID Name & Location State Party Coordinates Property Buffer Zone
37-001 The area of the hills Tunisia 443.48 ha
37-002 Land of the "Maison de la chasse au sanglier" Tunisia 2.31 ha
37-003 El Mbazaa Field Tunisia 1.08 ha
37-004 Land of the "Maison de la course des chars" Tunisia 0.95 ha
37-005 Land of the Roman house Tunisia 0.65 ha
37-006 Sector of Bir Messaouda Tunisia 7.1 ha
37-007 Magon District Tunisia 2.75 ha
37-008 Sector of Dermech Basilica Tunisia 3.42 ha
37-009 Sector of Bib Knissia Basilica Tunisia 7.67 ha
37-010 District of the punic ports and of the tophet Tunisia 27.49 ha
37-011 Zone of the entrance to the harbours Tunisia 74.37 ha
37-012 Basilica of Saint Cyprien Tunisia 25.66 ha
37-013 Land of the Roman houses of Amilcar Tunisia 19.09 ha

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