Historic Cairo


Date Category Title
2007 Map Map “Historic Cairo”, A3, scale 1:50000 showing in black the boundary of component 089-001 and in yellow its buffer zone.
2007 Map Map “Al-Fustat”, A3, scale 1:2500, displaying the components “Al-Imam ash-Shaf’i Necropolis” (089-003) and “As-Sayyidah Nafisah Necropolis” (089-004)
2007 Map Map “Al-Imam ash-Shaf’I Necropolis”, A3, scale 1:5000 displaying the buffer zone
2007 Map Map “Mosque of Ahmed Tulun, The Citadel Area, The Fatidim Nucleus of Cairo, Necropolis”, A3, scale 1:6000


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Multiple Locations

Serial ID Number Name & Location Coordinates Area Date Inscribed
89-001 Al-Fustat
  Property: 54.49 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
89-002 Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, The Citadel Area, The Fatimid Nucleus of Cairo, Necropolis
  Property: 312.43 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
89-003 Al-Imam ash-Shaf'i Necropolis
  Property: 12.79 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
89-004 As-Sayyidah Nafisah Necropolis
  Property: 83.8 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
89-005 Qayitbay Necropolis
  Property: 60.15 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha