Nubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae

Multiple Locations


ID Name & Location State Party Coordinates Area Date Inscribed
88-001 Abu Simbel
Egypt   Property: 41.7 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-002 Amada
Egypt   Property: 105.96 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-003 Wadi Sebua
Egypt   Property: 139.3 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-004 Kalabsha
Egypt   Property: 8.07 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-005 Philae (Island of Agilkia)
Egypt   Property: 3.08 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-006 Old and Middle Kingdom Tombs
Egypt   Property: 32.68 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-007 Ruins of town of Elephantine
Egypt   Property: 8.52 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-008 Stone quarries and obelisk
Egypt   Property: 4.34 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-009 Monastery of St. Simeon
Egypt   Property: 2.78 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha
88-010 Islamic Cemetery
Egypt   Property: 28.05 Ha
Buffer zone:  Ha

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