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Launched in 2002 in an effort to publish a series on various World Heritage subjects, the series will include: papers related to World Heritage issues; reports from seminars, workshops and meetings; and manuals aimed at facilitating the implementation of the World Heritage Convention for its various actors. This series is targeted mainly at World Heritage experts, national and local authorities and site managers.

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November 2011
Adapting to change: the state of conservation of World Heritage forests in 2011

Beyond providing an overview of the state of conservation of World Heritage forests in general, this publication attempts to provide some welcome thoughts on the relationship ...

July 2011
Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and Social Developments (HEADS)

Human evolution-related properties represent a process of evolutionaryaccretion that took place over a vastperiod of time, offering vital insight toscientific, cultural, ...

June 2011
Navigating the Future of Marine World Heritage

Since the early 1980s, forty-three marine sites have been inscribed on the World Heritage List, covering about 1.4 million km2 of ocean surface – an area about the size of the Gulf of Mexico. Each of these forty-three sites represent ...

November 2010
Managing Historic Cities

With over 250 properties inscribed on the World Heritage List, cities are one of the most abundant and diverse categories of heritage. This quantity and diversity add to the dynamics of urban heritage conservation, where concepts and approaches are ...

March 2010
Cultural Landscapes

Cultural landscapes are those where human interaction with natural systems has, over a long period, formed a distinctive landscape. These interactions arise from, and cause, cultural values to develop. Managing these values, with their material, physical ...

April 2009
World Heritage and Buffer Zones

Buffer zones are an important tool for conservation of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List. All along the history of implementation of the World Heritage Convention, the protection of the “surroundings” of the inscribed properties ...

June 2008
Rock Art in the Caribbean

The purpose of this publication is to report the results of the meeting organized by the World Heritage Centre and the Regional Council of Guadeloupe in May 2006 on the possibility of submitting a transnational serial nomination for the UNESCO World ...

May 2008
Enhancing our Heritage Toolkit, Assessing management effectiveness of natural

The Enhancing Our Heritage Toolkit is the labour of over seven years of site-based ‘learning by doing’efforts and represents an important cooperation of UNESCO ...

May 2007
Climate Change and World Heritage

The 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention is the principal instrument for identifying and protecting, for the benefit of current and future generations, the outstanding natural and cultural heritage of the world, and encouraging international cooperation ...

May 2007
World Heritage Forests

Proceedings of the 2nd World Heritage Forest Meeting March 9-11, 2005 Held at Ecole nationale du génie rural des eaux et des forêts (ENGREF)Nancy, France At the first World Heritage Forests meeting in 1998, 72 forest and biodiversity ...

January 2007
Periodic Report and Action Plan, Europe 2005-2006

The Periodic Reporting exercise carried out between 2001 and 2006 provided an opportunity to reflect on the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in Europe and this report reflects the situation, at the State Party and site levels, as reported ...

December 2006
American Fortifications and the World Heritage Convention

American Fortifications provide a unique overall vision of a continent and, for this reason, have been recognized as useful scenarios for international cooperation. The results presented here clearly show the need for a continuous effort to enable a ...

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