Launched in 2002 in an effort to publish a series on various World Heritage subjects, the series will include: papers related to World Heritage issues; reports from seminars, workshops and meetings; and manuals aimed at facilitating the implementation of the World Heritage Convention for its various actors. This series is targeted mainly at World Heritage experts, national and local authorities and site managers.

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World Heritage Series n°24 Rock Art in the Caribbean

June 2008
The purpose of this publication is to report the results of the meeting organized by the World Heritage Centre and the Regional Council of Guadeloupe in May 2006 on the possibility of submitting a transnational serial nomination for the UNESCO World ...

World Heritage Series n°23 Enhancing our Heritage Toolkit, Assessing management effectiveness of natural

May 2008
The Enhancing Our Heritage Toolkit is the labour of over seven years of site-based ‘learning by doing’efforts and represents an important cooperation of UNESCO ...

World Heritage Reports n°22 Climate Change and World Heritage

May 2007
The 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention is the principal instrument for identifying and protecting, for the benefit of current and future generations, the outstanding ...

World Heritage Reports n°21 World Heritage Forests

May 2007
Proceedings of the 2nd World Heritage Forest Meeting March 9-11, 2005 Held at Ecole nationale du génie rural des eaux et des forêts (ENGREF)Nancy, France At the first World Heritage Forests meeting in 1998, 72 forest and biodiversity ...

World Heritage Series n°20 Periodic Report and Action Plan, Europe 2005-2006

January 2007
The Periodic Reporting exercise carried out between 2001 and 2006 provided an opportunity to reflect on the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in Europe and this ...

World Heritage Series n°19 - American Fortifications and the World Heritage Convention

December 2006
American Fortifications provide a unique overall vision of a continent and, for this reason, have been recognized as useful scenarios for international cooperation. The ...

World Heritage Series n°18 - Periodic Report 2004, Latin America and the Caribbean

June 2006
The State of the World Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean (Summary version, August 2004) Full version (English), May 2004 Full version (spanish), May 2004

World Heritage Series n°17 Promoting and Preserving Congolese Heritage

January 2006
Conference and workshops proceedings Promoting and Preserving Congolese (DRC) Heritage An International Donors’ Conference organized by UNESCO’s World Heritage ...

World Heritage Series n°15 Caribbean Wooden Treasures

December 2005
Table of contents Proceedings of the Thematic Expert Meeting on Wooden Urban Heritage in the Caribbean Region Foreword Francesco Bandarin, Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre Introduction and Summary Report of Expert Meeting (with ...

World Heritage Series n°14 Caribbean Archaeology and World Heritage Convention (English, French, Spanish)

October 2005
Table of Contents Forward • Presentación Introduction • Introducción List of Contributors • Lista de Expertos Participants • ...

World Heritage Series n°13 Linking Universal and Local Values: Managing a Sustainable Future for World Heritage

November 2004
Preface: Francesco Bandarin Introduction: Eléonore de Merode, Rieks Smeets and Carol Westrik Welcome Addresses Background and Thematic Studies How World ...

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