The Sundarbans

Advisory Bodies Evaluations
1997 Advisory Body Evaluation (IUCN)
1986 Map showing the components of the inscribed property
1997 Report of the 21st Session of the Committee
1997 21COM VIIIA - Inscription: Sundarbans (Bangladesh)
1999 23BUR IVB.25 - The Sundarbans (Bangladesh); Sundarbans National Park (India)
2001 25COM VIII - Reports on SOC of natural properties inscribed noted by the Committee
2001 25BUR V.119-121 - The Sundarbans (Bangladesh)
2008 32COM 7B.10 - The Sundarbans (Bangladesh) (N 798)
2009 33COM 7B.12 - The Sundarbans (Bangladesh) (N 798)
2011 35COM 7B.11 - The Sundarbans (Bangladesh) (N 798)
2013 37COM 8E - Adoption of retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
2014 38COM 7B.64 - The Sundarbans (Bangladesh) (N 798)
2015 39COM 7B.8 - The Sundarbans (Bangladesh) (N 798)
Mission reports
2014 Report on the Joint United Nations / Government of Bangladesh Sundarbans Oil Spill Response Mission, 23 - 27 December 2014
2016 Report of the joint World Heritage Centre/IUCN Reactive Monitoring mission to the Sundarbans World Heritage site (Bangladesh), 22-28 March 2016
State of Conservation Reports by the State Party
2015 State of conservation report by the State Party / Rapport de l'Etat partie sur l'état de conservation
State of conservation reports
1999 State of conservation reports1999
2001 State of conservation reports2001
2008 State of conservation reports2008
2009 State of conservation reports2009
2011 State of conservation reports2011
2014 State of conservation reports2014
2015 State of conservation reports2015