Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Date Category Title
1994 Advisory Body Evaluation Advisory Body Evaluation
1994 Decision Report of the 18th Session of the Committee
1994 Decision 18COM XI - Inscription: Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda)
1995 Decision 19BUR IX1 - Requests for International Assistance
1999 Decision Report of the 23rd Session of the Committee
1999 Decision 23BUR IVB.42 - Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda)
1999 SOC Reports SOC Report1999
1999 Decision 23COM VIII.1-2 - New Inscriptions on the World Heritage List in Danger
1999 Decision 23COM XB.22 - SOC: Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda)
2000 Decision 24BUR IVA.13 - Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda)
2000 SOC Reports SOC Report2000
2000 Decision 24COM VIII.14 - Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda)
2001 Decision 25BUR VII35 - Requests for International Assistance - Emergency Assistance - Natural - Uganda
2001 Decision 25BUR V.57-59 - Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda)
2001 SOC Reports SOC Report2001
2001 Decision 25COM VIII.56 - Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda)
2003 SOC Reports SOC Report2003
2003 Decision 27COM 7A.7 - Rwenzori Mountain National Park (Uganda)
2003 Decision 27COM 8B.2 - Properties maintained on the List of World Heritage in Danger
2004 SOC Reports SOC Report2004
2004 Decision 28COM 15C.3 - Remove from the World Heritage List in danger
2004 Decision 28COM 15A.8 - Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda)
2005 SOC Reports SOC Report2005
2005 Decision 29COM 7B.4 - Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda)
2005 Map Rwenzori Mountains National Park Boundary Plan
2006 SOC Reports SOC Report2006
2006 Decision 30COM 7B.6 - State of Conservation (Rwenzori Mountains National Park)
2007 SOC Reports SOC Report2007
2007 Decision 31COM 7B.9 - State of conservation of World Heritage Properties - Rwenzori Mountains National Park
2009 SOC Reports SOC Report2009
2009 Decision 33COM 7B.7 - Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda) (N 684)
2010 Map Rwenzori Mountains National Park - Map of the inscribed property
2011 Decision 35COM 8D - Clarifications of property boundaries and areas by States Parties in response to the Retrospective Inventory
2011 Decision 35COM 8E - Adoption of retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
2012 SOC Reports SOC Report2012
2012 Decision 36COM 7B.4 - Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda) (N 684)
2014 State of Conservation Reports State of conservation report by the State Party / Rapport de l'Etat partie sur l'état de conservation
2014 SOC Reports SOC Report2014
2014 Decision 38COM 7B.93 - Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda) (N 684)