Megalithic Temples of Malta

Nomination 132ter (inscribed minor boundary modification)
2015 Minor Boundary Modification
Advisory Bodies Evaluations
1980 Advisory Body Evaluation (ICOMOS) / Évaluation de l'organisation consultative (ICOMOS)
1992 Advisory Body Evaluation (ICOMOS)
2015 Advisory Body Evaluation (ICOMOS)
2005 Ggantija Temples
2005 Hagar Qim
2005 Ta'Hagrat Temple and Skorba Temple
2005 Tarxien
2015 Megalithic Temples of Malta - maps of the inscribed minor boundary modification
1980 Report of the 4th Session of the Committee
1980 04COM V.12 - Consideration of Item 4 of the agenda: Nominations the World Heritage List (inscribed sites)
1981 05COM XII.32 - Technical co-operation requests
1981 05BUR III.14.A - Requests for technical co-operation - Technical co-operation projects recommended for approval
1992 Report of the 16th Session of the Committee
1992 16COM VIII - SOC: Ggantija Temples (Malta)
1992 16COM XC - Extension and Change of Name: Megalithic Temples (Malta)
1992 16BUR VI.45 - Gantija (Malta)
1994 18COM IX - SOC: Megalithic Temples (Malta)
1995 19COM VIIC.2.44 - SOC: Megalithic Temples & Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (Malta)
1995 19BUR VI.22 - Megalithic Temples (Malta)
1998 22COM XII - Requests for International Assistance: Cultural Heritage
2001 25BUR V.261-267 - Megalithic Temples of Malta (Malta)
2004 28COM 15B.76 -
2004 28COM 15B.76 - Megalithic Temples of Malta
2005 29COM 7B.80 - The Megalithic Temples of Malta
2005 29COM 7B.80 - The Megalithic Temples of Malta (Malta)
2007 31COM 7B.115 - The Megalithic Temples of Malta (Malta)
2008 32COM 7B.100 - Megalithic Temples of Malta (Malta) (C 132 bis)
2014 38COM 8B.53 - Examination of minor boundary modifications : Megalithic Temples of Malta (Malta)
2014 38COM 8E - Adoption of Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
2015 39COM 8B.46 - Megalithic Temples of Malta, Malta
Mission reports
2001 Report on Mission to Mnajdra Megalithic Temple (Malta), 10-12 May 2001
2006 ICCROM Expert Mission Report, Megalithic Temples of Malta, May 2006
Periodic Reporting
2006 (Cycle 1) Section II Summary
2014 (Cycle 2) Section II
State of Conservation Reports by States Parties
2015 Summary of the State of conservation report by the State Party / Résumé du Rapport de l'Etat partie sur l'état de conservation
State of conservation reports
1992 State of conservation reports1992
1994 State of conservation reports1994
1995 State of conservation reports1995
2001 State of conservation reports2001
2004 State of conservation reports2004
2005 State of conservation reports2005
2007 State of conservation reports2007
2008 State of conservation reports2008