Decision : 27 COM 20B.4
World Heritage Programmes

The World  Heritage Committee,

1. Noting with satisfaction that almost all Pacific Island countries have now joined the World Heritage Convention,;

2. Acknowledging the needs identified by Pacific Island States Parties in the Periodic Reports summarized in WHC-03/27.COM/6A Rev.,;

3. Requests the World Heritage Centre to begin consultations, planning and the first phase of implementation of a new sub-regional Programme called WORLD HERITAGE - PACIFIC 2009;

4. Decides to allocate US$100,000 in 2004-2005 from the World Heritage Fund for the development of the new sub-regional Programme called WORLD HERITAGE - PACIFIC 2009 (see WHC-03/27.COM/11);

5. Requests the Secretariat to prepare a report on the Regional Programme for the Pacific to be presented to the 31st session of the World Heritage Committee in 2007.  

Themes: Conservation
Focal Point: APA
Year: 2003
Decision Code: 27 COM 20B.4