Decision : 17 EXT BUR V.A.2.1.4
Examination of requests for International Assistance - Komodo National Park (Indonesia)


A.2 Requests for which the Bureau formulated a recommendation to the Committee

A.2.1 Technical co-operation

A.2.1.4 Komodo National Park (Indonesia)

The Bureau reviewed a request for US$49,500 for Komodo National Park and recommended that the Committee approve US$37,000, deleting a proposal for staff training. It was noted that the Park authorities are planning to set up a training programme which would be a duplication of this activity. The project, prepared in cooperation with UNESCO's ROSTSEA Office, has three objectives: to provide equipment, to carry out a study on population in local villages and to improve the capability with respect to protection and monitoring of marine resources.


Context of Decision
 WHC-93/CONF.002/10 Rev
Themes: International Assistance
States Parties: Indonesia
Properties: Komodo National Park
Year: 1993
Decision Code: 17 EXT BUR V.A.2.1.4