Committee Decisions

First cycle of Periodic Reporting

1. Having examined Documents WHC-04/7EXT.COM/5A, WHC-04/7 EXT.COM/5B, WHC-04/7 EXT.COM/5C, WHC-04/7 EXT.COM/5D, and WHC-04/7 EXT.COM/5E,

2. Aware of the need to:

a) study and reflect on the first cycle of Periodic Reporting;

b) develop strategic direction on the forms and the format of the Periodic Reports, training priorities and international cooperation priorities; and

c) to streamline the Committee's consideration of matters raised through Periodic Reporting relating to inscribed properties;

3. Decides to suspend for one year the commencement of the next cycle of Periodic Reporting.

  • New cycle suspended by one year

    Status: Done
    Deadline: Monday, January 1, 2007