Decision : CONF 003 XIII.43-48
Promotional Activities

43. The Committee's attention was drawn to document CC-86/CONF.003/7 presenting up-to-­date information on different activities undertaken by different States Parties, private organi­sations and the Secretariat.

44. In particular, the Committee took note o f the study presented in the annex o f this document, prepared at the request of the Bureau at its 10th session, presenting a promotion plan indicating how States Parties themselves could promote the Convention, as well as the means for cooperation between States Parties and the Secretariat.

45. The Committee agreed with the conclusions of this study concerning the need to decentralise promotional activities by creating national associations as set out in Article 17 of the Convention, and by making more use of the Unesco National Commissions. The Committee suggested that the study be sent out to all Unesco National Commissions in this connection. It was agreed that a special effort should be made to develop material which was representative of all regions and cultures.

46. The Committee was particularly in favour of each State Party designating a coordinator for World Heritage promotional activities and of the Secretariat sending out a questionnaire to obtain more information on past, present and proposed activities to promote the Convention. The Secreta­riat was requested to send this questionnaire to the Unesco Permanent Delegations and to the Unesco National Commissions for each State Party. Several members of the Committee mentioned activities which had taken place in their countries, for example the issue of special World Heritage stamps by Brazil and Sri Lanka. In this connection, the Committee expressed the wish to have more information on such activities. Regional workshops to be held in Africa and Asia to promote the Convention during 1987 were mentioned in this regard. The Committee underscored the useful­ness of preparing a certificate, signed by the Director General of Unesco and the Chairman of the World Heritage Committee to commemorate the inscription of sites on the List, particularly for the Mayors of historic cities.

47. As concerns publications on the Convention and on the properties inscribed on the World Heri­tage List, the Committee suggested that States Parties should be consulted as far as possible on the texts on their properties and should assist the Secretariat and/or independent publishers in this regard.

48. The new, experimental World Heritage Diary prepared by INCAFO was welcomed by the Com­mittee, although several errors were noticed which needed rectification. The Committee requested the Secretariat to pursue a 1988 version, for which 10 % of the sales price would go directly to the World Heritage Fund, and which would be prepared in consultation with States Parties.


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Themes: Communication
Year: 1986
Decision Code: CONF 003 XIII.43-48