Decision : CONF 004 XII.B
Requests for International Assistance: Training


1. International Course on Stone Conservation Technology (ICCROM-Unesco) US$40,000
Participation of 12 fellowship recipients from developing countries in the course, which will be held in May and June 1991 in Venice, and financial contribution to the fees and travel expenses of the lecturers.

2. Regional Training Course for the Conservation of Murals (ICCROM) US$40,000
Fees and travel costs of five lecturers and participation of 16 fellowship recipients, who are restorers from South and Southeast Asia in a course which will be held in Lucknow (India).

3. Training Course in Natural Resources Conservation and in the Management of Protected Areas (France-Cameroon) US$30,000
The Committee approved this request in the amount of US$30,000 (instead of the requested US$36,000) and hoped that this training would be offered to a larger number of African participants.


Context of Decision
Themes: International Assistance
Year: 1990
Decision Code: CONF 004 XII.B