Decision : CONF 002 VII.1-3
Presentation of the Evaluation Report on the Implementation of the Convention and the Draft Strategy for the Future

VII. 1 The document WHC-92/CONF.2/4 was introduced by Mrs. C Cameron, Chairperson of the Expert Group which was convened in Washington (United States of America) from 22 to 24 June 1992, then in Paris at UNESCO Headquarters, from 27 to 30 October 1992. Mrs. Cameron stressed that on the one hand the group comprised a certain number of experts from different regions of the world, and representatives of ICOMOS, ICCROM and IUCN, and on the other, Bureau members had participated in the work of the Paris meeting. The discussions of the working group were based on the evaluation report for the implementation of the Convention, made by Mr. Beschaouch in 1991, and presented to the Committee as document WHC­92/CONF.002/3, as well as a study prepared by Mr. G. Bolla in 1992.

VII.2 Following in-depth discussions, the Committee adopted, with a certain number of revisions, the conclusions, goals and the recommendations with which they had been presented, as constituting not only a strategy as such, but strategic orientations for the future, aimed at the different actors concerned with the implementation of the Convention, e.g. the States Parties, the World Heritage Committee, the advisory organizations and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

VII.3 These strategic orientations are presented as Annex II to the present report. The Committee requested the World Heritage Centre to send them to all States Parties to the Convention. The Committee also requested the World Heritage Centre, with the assistance of the UNESCO Legal Office, to prepare draft revisions to the Guidelines for the implementation of the Convention reflecting its decisions, and to send them to all Committee members before the end of March 1993. These draft revisions of the Guidelines should more particularly take into account the proposal presented by United States of America as well as by Italy. These draft revisions will be submitted to the Bureau of the Committee at its seventeenth session for review.


Themes: Reports, Operational Guidelines, World Heritage Convention
Year: 1992
Decision Code: CONF 002 VII.1-3