Decision : CONF 201 VII.D.67/60
SOC noted by Committee: Roman Monuments in Trier (Germany)

VII.67 Roman Monuments in Trier (Germany)

It was recalled that the Secretariat presented to the Bureau at its twentieth session a report on a joint UNESCO-ICOMOS mission to Trier in reference to the construction of urban villas and a proposed urban development scheme in the immediate vicinity of the Roman amphitheatre. The Bureau requested that a full report of the mission, as well as on the progress made in undertaking the architectural competition for the area north of the amphitheatre, be presented to its session in November 1996.

ICOMOS reported that the mission had been successful. ICOMOS was involved in the drawing up of the terms of reference for the architectural competition. It will also participate in the evaluation of the designs. The urban villas which are already under construction could be limited in their height so that they would not been seen from the inside of the arena.

The German Delegate gave further information concerning the terms of reference of the competition. He stressed that the main issue is to analyse the possibility of re-opening the northern gate of the amphitheatre which has been closed for centuries and to create a way of communication from this northern gate to the other Roman monuments of the town.

The Bureau requested that the German authorities provide a full report concerning the entire area surrounding the amphitheatre by 15 April 1997 for examination by the next session of the Bureau.


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Themes: Conservation
States Parties: Germany
Year: 1996
Decision Code: CONF 201 VII.D.67/60