Decision : CONF 209 XV.3
Requests for International Assistance

XV.3  In order to allow sufficient time for the Secretariat, Advisory Bodies, and Committee to adequately examine individual requests, and in view of the limited funds available under the World Heritage Fund technical assistance budget, the Committee adopted the following:

"The Committee urged States Parties to respect the deadline for submission of international assistance requests, as indicated in paragraph 112 of the Operational Guidelines, to ensure that the Secretariat, Advisory Bodies, and Committee have adequate time to evaluate and examine requests. Taking note of the growing number of international requests submitted by States Parties and the increasing amounts being requested, the Committee encouraged States Parties, to the extent possible, to plan activities well in advance and in close co-operation with the Advisory Bodies and the Secretariat, in order to plan projects which have a "catalytic effect" and are likely to generate contributions from other sources than the World Heritage Fund, per paragraph 113 of the Operational Guidelines."


Themes: International Assistance
Year: 1999
Decision Code: CONF 209 XV.3