Decision : CONF 204 X.C.1
The Wachau Cultural Landscape (Austria)

Property: The Wachau Cultural Landscape

Id. N°: 970

State Party: Austria

Criteria: C (ii) (iv)

The Committee decided to inscribed this property on the World Heritage List on the basis of criteria (ii) and (iv):

Criterion (ii): The Wachau is an outstanding example of a riverine landscape bordered by mountains in which material evidence of its long historical evolution has survived to a remarkable degree.

Criterion (iv): The architecture, the human settlements, and the agricultural use of the land in the Wachau vividly illustrate a basically medieval landscape that has evolved organically and harmoniously over time.

Several members of the Committee expressed their appreciation for this nomination including the Delegate of Canada who underlined the importance of the coordinating commission for the management of the site. She also inquired whether the new boundaries of the site protected its viewscape; this question was answered positively by ICOMOS.

 Decisions Report
Themes: Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
States Parties: Austria
Year: 2000
Decision Code: CONF 204 X.C.1